The Team

Every project is full of unique challenges, so unique individuals are required to overcome them. The team at Fierce Little Bird Productions varies based upon the necessities of each project, but every crew member brings a depth of knowledge and a wealth of experiences to bear, guaranteeing that the final product will be something to be proud of.

The Full-timers

Adam K. Allen

Owner/Lead Producer

Adam first became interested in video production way back in 2006 after making a goofy home movie with some friends. He started doing projects for his high school band program and eventually did some work filming and editing concerts. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts from Ball State University in 2016, where he triple-majored in Telecommunications: Digital Video Production, Theatrical Studies, and French.


Since that time, he has directed five short films (four of which he also wrote), including two that were shot overseas. Additionally, Adam has worked in almost every crew position on over one hundred projects for clients that include national corporations like Barnes & Noble, Comcast marketing (Mnemonic), and Get Go. On a local level, Adam has produced projects for clients that include Butler University, Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, and Keith Potts for Indianapolis.

Photo Credit: Samuel Utley

Our Partners

Cooperation and collaboration are an integral part of the production industry. We strive to create and maintain professional partnerships with leading industry professionals and companies to help facilitate project needs and better execute our clients' creative visions.

Our primary business partner, Josiah Duncan works as a commercial and narrative cinematographer for corporate, commercial, and television productions that feature high resolution camera work, lighting, and color. With over six years of experience as a full time cinematographer, select clients include HBO marketing, Target corporate, and Veteran's TV, a network for which he has shot six seasons of shows. With a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Video Production from Ball State University, Josiah brings experience and techniques from productions around the country back to Indiana.

Photo Credit: Garrett Finn

Our Contractors

Every project offers its own unique challenges and necessities. We have a select group of trusted industry professionals we regularly contract to help make the production a success.

Amy E. Frye


Amy E. Frye is a versatile filmmaker and visual storyteller who is passionate about working with talented teams to produce thoughtful work. Having received both a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications: Digital Video Production and a Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University, she has worked in every camera department role on a variety of professional productions, including corporate and commercial projects for the David Owsley Museum of Art, the Indiana Bankers Association, and the Great River Shakespeare Festival. Amy has also worked on narrative films like Popsy, Unknown, and Room Number Seven.

Photo Credit: Sadie Lebo

Matthew Cutshaw

Location & Post-Production Audio Engineer

Matthew (Matt) Cutshaw is a location and post sound engineer who focuses his talents on sound design, SFX building, and synthesis. He is also heavily involved in location sound and various other post-production sound roles as well. Graduating from Ball State University in 2012 with his Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications: Digital Audio Production, he went on to facilitate BSU with their studio builds and even guided students in film audio production. Matt now also lends a hand to individual clients who reach out to him for advice on building studios and purchasing gear.


Matt's love for sound came from none other than Ben Burtt and his work in Star Wars. This grew his interest in sound design and synthesis in film and various other forms of media. His favorite part of the post sound process is being able to build new sounds for characters and landscapes that push the character and the story forward. You can usually find him in front of his Moog Sub37 , keyboard, and various synth plug-ins concocting new sounds to use within his projects. Matt runs Soundscapers, LLC., with his wife, Elizabeth, a fellow audio engineer.

Photo Credit: Allison Griffith

Elizabeth Cutshaw

Location & Post-Production Audio Engineer

Elizabeth (Liz) Cutshaw is a location and post-production audio engineer who, while having been involved in every part of the sound process, focuses her talents in re-recording mixing, sound supervision, and location mixing. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications: Digital Audio Production from Ball State University in 2015. In 2018, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, focusing her thesis on re-recording mixing for stereo and 7.1 surround sound formats. 


Liz has worked on numerous projects that include shorts, features, music videos, podcasts, and various other productions. She was nominated for two Southeast Emmy Student Production awards in both 2018 and 2019 for her work on two SCAD productions, and was part of the winning sound team for the Audio/Sound category in 2018. She won the 2018 Audio Verse Award for Best Audio Engineering of a Self-Contained, Dramatic Production for her editing and mixing work for the award winning podcast “In Her Burning." Liz runs Soundscapers, LLC., with her husband, Matthew, a fellow audio engineer.

Photo Credit: Garrett Finn